Handling & Automation - The Pursuit of Excellence

Our automated storage and commissioning solutions enable you to make substantial efficiency savings in the way you handle your inventory.

Through using the right handling equipment and appropriate storage technology, your business will run more effectively and productively.


A good storage system is not just that which offers sufficient space for your needs, it will also use that space efficiently. Innovative storage technology means more products can be stored within the same amount of floor space while advanced handling equipment makes retrieval fast and effortless. By using the right products, a company can see a significant improvement in productivity and efficiency when it comes to storage and stock management.

Applications for Handling and Automation

Automotive Material flow
Electronics Special conditions storage
  Special conveying storage
  Power supplied storage
Chemicals/Pharmaceuticals Robotic
  Process reliability
  Climate and cleanroom conditions
Warehousing/Distribution Fully automated pre-sorting
Machinery Buffering
  Parts feeding
Hospitals Fully automated system over several floors and secured
Case Studies

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Berner Oberland Bahnen AG operates several railroad routes in Switzerland. Its warehouse had to be m...

Johnson Controls – conditioned buffer storage for automated production line

The automotive supplier needed an efficient conditioning system for the interim storage of its door ...