Kardex Remstar Shuttle XP

Store and pick goods efficiently while benefiting from maximum storage density

The Shuttle XP vertical storage lift system from Kardex Remstar is a highly flexible solution for managing a number of storage and retrieval applications in a wide range of industries.

Shuttle XP 250/500

Flexible solution for small parts and lightweight goods

Whether storing spare parts or picking small-volume goods in special air-conditioned units or under clean room conditions, the Shuttle XP 250/500 can reliably manage even the most demanding tasks.

Shuttle XP 700

Highly dense storage of medium-sized loads
The Shuttle XP 700 moves goods weighing up to 725 kg, making it ideal for the efficient storage and retrieval of heavy tools and components or spare parts. Measuring 4.05 meters across, it can also easily accommodate larger goods.

Shuttle XP 1000

Robust solution for handling big loads
With its heavy-duty trays the Shuttle XP 1000 can manage goods weighing up to 1,000 kg. The handling of heavy goods is supported by an optionally integrated, factory-fitted crane and a mechanism for directly storing pallets. 

Shuttle XPmultiple

Optimal solution for tight spaces
The Shuttle XPmultiple makes optimal use of storage capacity in tight spaces. Up to four shuttles are installed behind one another and efficiently operated using one access opening, saving space and reducing the distance traveled by employees.

Control system

Clever control unit
The modern design of the Logicontrol unit, which is intuitively operated by touchscreen, significantly optimizes both ergonomics and efficiency for users of Kardex Remstar storage and retrieval systems.


Efficient warehouse management software
When picking goods from Kardex Remstar storage systems using Power Pick Global software, users can save time, cut the distance traveled, and generate faster and more precise picks, significantly improving productivity.

The principle

The modular Shuttle XP vertical lift is a self-contained system in which trays are stored vertically on the front and rear of the unit. In between is an extractor which automatically conveys the trays holding the goods to the access opening at the touch of a button or when a barcode is scanned. Thanks to the modular design the Shuttle XP can be adapted to the requisite height both before and after it has been installed and the number of access openings can also be modified. Depending on the height of the room, this means that the size of the footprint can be reduced by at least 85 percent compared to conventional systems. Each tray is automatically scanned with the help of Optiflex technology – the products to be stored are then assigned to the ideal storage location at intervals of 25 millimeters.


Flexible, efficient storage strategy

The modular design of the Shuttle XP provides virtually unlimited flexibility when making the best use of various room heights. The unit height can be chosen in 100-millimeter steps so that the Shuttle XP always perfectly meets capacity and height requirements in each case. Even when there is a change of location, it can quickly be adapted to the new environment by adding or removing modules.


Adapting to the building situation

When using the Shuttle XP over several floors, up to six access openings can be integrated anywhere on the front or rear of the unit. These positions can subsequently be altered. The shutter door in each access opening prevents draughts from escaping, protecting both the operator and the goods stored.

Advantages at a glance
  • Faster access times
  • Increase in goods turnover
  • More storage space on a much smaller footprint
  • Accurate inventories thanks to integration in internal ERP systems
  • Greater safety and protection for operators and stored goods
  • Improved ergonomics
  • Modular expandability
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