Kardex Remstar Product Overview

Vertical Buffer Module

Scale your intralogistics.
From highly dense storage of spare parts and tools for your production operation to picking of small parts in your warehouse, the Vertical Buffer Module sets standards in terms of speed, precision, and energy efficiency.



Vertical Lift Systems

Vertical Lift Systems-Shuttle XP, Shuttle XPlus, Shuttle XPMultiple - Optimised utilisation of storage space in a compact footprint

Optimised utilisation of storage space in a compact footprint

High travel speeds, minimised waiting times and therefore higher picking rates – the Shuttle XP raises productivity in your warehouse, since the goods are supplied to the operator in a short period of time, wherever they may be located in your unit. The shelf rails in the access opening allow operators to position several trays within the working area. For example, picking may continue on one tray while the extractor is retrieving the next tray in the background.


Vertical Carousels: Megamat RS, Megamat RS 180, Megamat - Maximum capacity with the smallest footprint

Maximum capacity with the smallest footprint

The compact design of the Kardex Remstar Megamat RS ensures maximum storage space using minimal floor space. The system can be easily integrated in the form of a freestanding carousel or as a multi-storey combination with several access openings up to a level of 10 metres, enabling the greatest possible storage efficiency. This high-density storage concept achieves maximum possible capacity. Each Megamat can be used as a standalone solution or can be connected to a client host system as required. The modular design provides you with maximum investment security for the future.





Horizontal Carousel

Horizontal Carousel - Maximum storage capacity and rapid retrieval in low room heights

Maximum storage capacity and rapid retrieval in low room heights

Paperless picking is possible without changing the business processes. Different items can be stored in the horizontal carousel. The Horizontal is capable of storing items with a maximum payload of 60 tonnes. Every carrier can be subdivided in height by adjustable shelves. Items are stored compactly in a confined space.

Horizontal Systems

Heavy Duty Units

Heavy Duty Units

Kardex Remstar in association with Intertex – Storage and retrieval solutions for extremely heavy and long goods

With the Towermat and Intermat heavy-duty units, Kardex Remstar has developed the ideal solution for companies that wish to store oversized and extremely heavy goods in an efficient, safe, and space-saving manner.


Software Solutions

Software Solutions - The software innovation for controlling storage and retrieval solutions

The software innovation for controlling storage and retrieval solutions

Kardex Remstar Power Pick Global optimises your intralogistics operations and achieves a high level of efficiency and customer orientation. Our competence and experience now come to your company with a new software generation: Power Pick Global. This modern and user-friendly software, which we subject to continuous development, supplies you with the capabilities of handling your future intralogistics requirements.


Power Pick Global

Times Two

Times Two

The Times Two is a double sided shelving system that requires very little space. The actual shelf space is accommodated in a rotating cube within a static housing. The front and rear are easily accessible at any time to replace or retrieve folders.



Times Two



The Lektriever is a software-controlled automated media storage system that is capable of managing thousands of files, videos, CDs, DVDs etc. It can operate off-line or can be linked online to our IT systems. Operation is simple and user-friendly: the Lektriever automatically searches for each required medium at the press of a button.




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