Volvo Truck Center – spare part storage for vehicle products

Since the company’s storage space was no longer sufficient, it needed to organize its spare part logistics more efficiently to supply its extensive repair workshop and new car sales operation.


  • Space-saving storage to free up more office space
  • Reorganize the storage of large and small parts
  • Higher order picking performance


  • Storage of small parts in a vertical carousel
  • Storage of larger parts in a vertical shuttle unit
  • Space freed up by reducing the storage space needed from 640 m² to 17 m²
  • Reliable order picking thanks to pick-by-light guidance
  • Picking accuracy now as high as 99.8%

Scope of delivery:

  • 1 Megamat RS 350 with a total of 480 m² of shelf space
  • 1 Shuttle XP 500 with a total of 141 m² of storage space
  • TIC Matrix position indicator
  • Warehouse management software

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