Viemme – Ergonomic storage and retrieval of heavy mechanical parts

The Italian company Viemme is a manufacturer of precision parts. The heavy components were previously stored on static shelves, exposing them to dust and corrosion. It also meant that employees had to walk long distances and there was an increased risk of occupational accidents. For these reasons, a decision was made to switch to an automatic storage and retrieval solution.


  • Efficient retrieval solution for heavy parts
  • Complete control over inventory and storage spaces
  • Safety for employees and goods
  • More ergonomic working conditions


  • Storage capacity increased by 30 percent
  • Daily throughput raised by 400 percent
  • Enclosed system reliably protects the goods
  • Parts retrieved directly to the workstation safely and ergonomically
  • Integrated crane and tray extraction device take the load off employees

Scope of delivery:

  • 1 Shuttle XP 1000 with 50 trays (each holding 900 kg)
  • Integrated crane with a load-bearing capacity of 500 kg
  • Tray extraction device

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