Rohde & Schwarz – storage of goods under dry conditions

The electronics company Rohde & Schwarz needed to store its spare parts under dry conditions, not least to prevent them from aging. At the same time, it wanted to improve its processes and especially speed up access to the stored parts.


  • Faster access to stored parts used in production
  • Maintain a constant humidity level
  • Reduce nitrogen consumption
  • Dust-free storage
  • Reduce the amount of space needed for storage
  • Precise documentation to trace storage conditions


  • 15 nitrogen storage cabinets replaced by 2 Megasys Dry systems
  • The units were directly integrated in the production process thanks to the optimal way in which they occupied the space
  • Short distances traveled and fast access to the batches on the production machinery
  • Constant air humidity of 5% coupled with much lower nitrogen consumption
  • Control software with Track & Trace option permits uninterrupted logging of storage conditions
  • Setup is clean room-compatible and ESD-protected

Scope of delivery:

  • 2 Megasys Dry systems with storage capacity of 150 m² on a 12.66 m² footprint
  • Absorption dryer rel. 5%
  • Power Pick Global warehouse management software
  • Chiller unit

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