Advantages Shuttle XP

Advantage: faster order picking

The Shuttle XP works according to the principle of "goods to person". Here the required carrier is always positioned at an optimum processing height. The Shuttle sorts the goods in optimised sequences to minimise machine runtimes, so quadrupling picking speed.

Advantage: saving space

The Shuttle XP has a high capacity in a small footprint. Compared with conventional methods, the system requires a footprint that is up to 80 per cent smaller. On an area of only 10 square metres, it provides up to 2000 square meters of storage space.

Advantage: greater safety

High moving speeds in highly dense warehouses require corresponding safety elements. The Shuttle XP offers maximum protection and knows no compromise when it comes to active or passive safety, whether it is a matter of safety for personnel, machine or stock items – in all areas. Core

elements of the safety equipment include the automatic shutter door in the rear of the access opening and the light barrier in front of the access opening.

Advantage: greater flexibility

Optimal and flexible – OptiFlex always offers the best possible capacity utilisation. The storage pitch of 25 millimetres allows goods of different heights to be stored with minimal spacing. As a result of this, you benefit from greater flexibility and efficient volume utilisation.

Benefits at a glace
  • More storage capacity in a highly compact storage footprint
  • Reduced access times
  • Rapid, safe access
  • Precise inventory levels through integration in an internal ERP system
  • More safety for operator and stored items
  • Increased goods handling