Intralogistics and innovation:

Harness the optimisation potential of your internal logistics.

Vertical Lift Systems: Intralogistics and innovation: Harness the optimisation potential of your internal logistics.

Systems from Kardex Remstar support all kinds of order picking:

ergonomic design, time and space saving.


Vertical lift automated storage and retrieval systems offer a host of major benefits, including optimised storage density, flexibility and efficiency. Whether using a standalone system or an integrated one, retrieval, control and packing into shipping containers can be combined into one work operation.

Handling steps can be minimised to an even greater extent through combining a vertical lift system with a modern conveyor. Turnaround times can then be optimised by installing modern warehouse management software, such as Power Pick Global.
By randomly allocating storage locations, it is possible to perform two-stage picking. Storage can take place simultaneously and the error rate for storage and retrieval is minimised.

Productoverview Vertical Lift Systems:

Kardex Remstar Shuttle XP - Pour plus de flexibilité et d'espace de stockage

Kardex Remstar Shuttle XPlus - Le géant du stockage rapide avec un palonnier

Kardex Remstar Shuttle XPmultiple - Optimisé utilisation de l'espace dans un encombrement réduit

Kardex Remstar Shuttle XP 1000 - Pour encore plus d’efficacité au niveau du stockage, du picking et de la distribution des marchandises
Case Studies

Medicine / Batch- and multi-user-picking of micro-optic components

Greater efficiency due to batch picking combined with multi user picking (800 order lines per day). ...

Administration - Storing of media equipment for students

Same amount of goods on only 5% of the floor space giving space for more office places. 100% safety ...

Automotive - Fast retrieval of spare parts for customers and employees

An increase in productivity of around 20 %. Greater effectiveness thanks to batch order picking. Imm...