Tray accessories

Organization for all items

Every tray can be configured with partitions, dividers, totes, bins, containers or special fixtures to meet your exact storage needs. Perfectly matching the dimensions of the stored goods with those of the tray ensures maximum storage density, better organization, and faster retrieval times.

Bins and containers

Totes, bins, and containers are custom-made and precisely tailored to conform with the required tray dimensions, ensuring that every millimeter of storage space is utilized! Versatile and easy to handle, they are the perfect solution for any dynamic storage system. Conveyor performance and safety is enhanced by the containers’ lightweight yet robust construction. Totes, bins, and containers can be further subdivided to create smaller storage locations if necessary. Each storage location can be labeled for quick and easy recognition when picking goods.

Dividers and partitions

Tray dividers help you to streamline your operations, save space, and also provide an immediate overview of, and fast access to, the stored goods. Using partitions and dividers, you can create the exact number of storage locations you require in each tray. You can also determine the size of each storage location; matching the storage location size to the size of the stored goods maximizes storage density. Each storage location can be labeled with a part number or description, speeding up the retrieval of stored parts. Partitions and dividers can be easily reconfigured at any time to accommodate changes in the size or quantity of stored goods.

Holders and special equipment

All kinds of special holders can be used for organized storage and retrieval of tools, dies, and fixtures. They permit easy access and handling. In addition, it is easier to use cranes and lifting equipment with automatic or manual tray extraction devices. For special applications, the access opening can be placed at the floor level, providing easy access by forklifts.

Application areas:
  • Spare parts
  • Maintenance and repairs
  • Tools and dies
  • Holders
  • Fixtures
  • Finished Goods
  • Buffer storage