Power Pick Global (PPG) is a user-friendly software solution for managing inventory, controlling stock levels, order picking and automated handling.

PPG covers a wide variety of market segments and customer applications, from production distribution to hospital logistics and many more!


Kardex Remstar Power Pick Global is sophisticated user-friendly software which helps ensure lean warehousing and efficient order picking. All packages provide the same level of convenience and can provide everything from stock control applications to a fully integrated warehouse management system. With a modular structure and innovative programming, Power Pick Global provides you with flexibility and is therefore guaranteed to suit your needs.


Small Business Package


The Power Pick Global Small Business package provides complete control of your inventory and ensures increased levels of productivity. Order picking accuracy is improved, as is inventory security.


Order Processor


The Power Pick Global Order Processor software is designed primarily for medium-sized warehouses with multiple work stations. It is a warehouse management system that can grow with your business as it can be configured for everything from standard shelving to automated storage and retrieval equipment.


Communicator Pro


The Power Pick Global Communicator Pro Transaction Processor software is for businesses with an ERP or WMS system looking to get improved performance from their dynamic storage systems. It manages order picking activities and can be linked to your existing database.


Warehouse edition


The Warehouse Edition Package is a modern, functional and easy-to-implement warehouse management system offering a wide range of modules and functionalities to deliver lean warehousing and improved productivity.

Case Studies

Automotive - Fast retrieval of spare parts for customers and employees

An increase in productivity of around 20 %. Greater effectiveness thanks to batch order picking. Imm...

Hospital Logistics - Hygienic storage of hospital items

More time for patients: Nurses save 75% of their time. More space: The same amount of goods on only ...

Electronics / Storage and picking of small electronic parts

Storage capacities have increased by 40 %. More efficient processes. Shorter access times. Flexibili...