Kardex Remstar Horizontal Carousel:

9 good reasons for optimum picking performance

Kardex Remstar’s Horizontal Carousel is an efficient and flexible picking solution for successful warehouse management in various application areas. Its particular advantages include:


With the “goods to person“ principle, the requested items are transported to the operator – fast, directly and reliably –without any unproductive travel and search times. For that, the Horizontal Carousel always takes the shortest path to the access opening. The display-­tool­feature shows the operator which goods and what quantities to pick from which storage location.

Picking performance

Simultaneous, independent moving Horizontal Carousels of a station allow for a very fast overall system and high pick performance. One operator can work off 200 to 400 positions per station and hour. Optical displays on the machine and on the picking station allow for a pick and put accuracy of over 99%.

Batch picking

Paperless picking is possible while delivery notes and other relevant documents can continue to be printed. The warehouse management system combines several orders into a picking batch via PC control, allowing operator to pick multiple orders with reduced movements.

High payloads

The Horizontal is ideally for storage and retrieval of small and medium sized items. Moreover it is capable of storing items with a maximum payload of 54 tons. The load capacity is chosen according to the application.

Optimum space utilization

Items are stored compactly in a confined space; this eliminates unproductive travel and picking routes within the warehouse. The actual picking zone is as small as 5 to 10 square meters.

Reliability and compact design

From development, manufacturing to customer service: The Horizontal Carousel is a compact, reliable, low­maintenance unit with nearly 100 % availability – ensuring consistent and long-­term operational safety.


To achieve high throughput during peak times and meet seasonal picking requirements the system can be divided into different stations at the push of a button. Thus, it’s possible, for example, to have a system of four Horizontal Carousels operated not only by one person, but by several persons simultaneously.


The Horizontal Carousels meet the highest safety requirements: The systems are closed all around and are surrounded by a safety fence which prevents accidents and protects from unauthorised access at the same time. Furthermore, the acces opening on the station front side is equipped with safety doors that open and close automatically.


The Horizontal Carousel is suitable for a variety of different applications and items to be stored. Within the carriers, you can choose individual shelf distances and adapt them to the respective goods to be stored. Thus, even the efficient storage of bulky items is possible – up to the entire carrier height.