EXTRA Service

Something more

If your looking for something more, the EXTRA Service package is the answer! Active maintenance management, move management, modification work plus training and regular software support combine to make this service package fully comprehensive.


EXTRA Service includes:

Remote Assistance
With our new Remote Support solution, we can monitor your units via our portal and perform proactive maintenance. The operator can request technical help directly from the equipment’s panel, send all the necessary information and get assistance. The equipment also sends a report automatically if it stops working, guaranteeing fast reaction times and efficient service processes. After receiving permission to connect, we can provide a remote diagnosis, which saves you time and money and avoids the need for a technician’s visit. If a problem cannot be solved via remote maintenance, an engineer is immediately informed about the diagnosis and comes optimally prepared to repair the unit on-site. With Remote Assistance, you save as soon as the first downtime is reported.

Remote Analytics
Our new Remote Support solution visualizes all the unit’s data in Kardex’ new online portal. With the live overview you can get information on the status of your units at any time and from anywhere, allowing you to enjoy maximum process reliability. Furthermore, the portal offers extensive analysis options by displaying service callouts, the units’ utilized capacity, and the completed cycles. Thanks to such insights, all processes relating to the use of your units can be continuously improved and optimized. As such, fluctuations in the utilized capacity of the units during operation can be identified and solved at an early stage. In addition, we use the data to dynamically calculate the best servicing date, depending on how you use the equipment.

Move management – You’re planning the relocation or the reconfiguration of your stock department? We will move your systems with the know-how that comes with many years of experiences and knowledge.

Repair – In the event your machine should fail to function, we are there to assist you – if desired – round the clock. Our highly trained, certified service technicians will quickly find the source of the problem and take immediate action to get the machine back up and running.

Modifications – If your storage solution needs to be adapted to accommodate new challenges, we will show you how to modify your existing systems. Shortening or raising of equipment, retrofitting, applications and software updates are the most important elements for your success.

Training – Proper operation and suitable reaction to system indications, warnings etc. guarantee the consistently high performance of your systems. Our training provides your personnel with an improved overall understanding of how your products function, which means they can be more productive.

Spare parts packages – Secure the advantage of time! The failure of systems or equipment that are vital to your business costs a great deal of money and time. You can reduce waiting time for a replacement part with individually-configured spare part sets.

Software support – Our software service assists you with phone support, remote computer diagnostics and onsite presence. Regular software updates are conducted via remote maintenance and ensure your materials are managed with the highest possible efficiency.