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Chemical Pharmaceuticals - Efficient retrieval of package inserts

Improved efficiency: the retrieval time is around ten minutes shorter for each order line. 60 % more storage space on the same floor space. Greater flexibility afforded by being able to retrieve variable amounts of package...[more]

Electronics - Dry storage of power grid equipment

Rapid access to spare parts. Dry components thanks to dehumidifying systems. Order and clarity in the store. 99 % accurate retrieval by using pick-by-light operator prompting.[more]

Medicine / Batch- and multi-user-picking of micro-optic components

Greater efficiency due to batch picking combined with multi user picking (800 order lines per day). Better picking accuracy thanks to software from Kardex Remstar, an LED pointer, and a pick-to-light system. Improved ergonomics...[more]

Automotive - Fast retrieval of spare parts for customers and employees

An increase in productivity of around 20 %. Greater effectiveness thanks to batch order picking. Immediate retrieval of internal orders, external orders within an hour[more]

Hospital Logistics - Hygienic storage of hospital items

More time for patients: Nurses save 75% of their time. More space: The same amount of goods on only 10% of the floor space giving space for 4-5 more patients per floor. No picking errors: due to „pick-to-light“ operator prompting...[more]

Warehouse & Distribution - Fast supplies for electrical retailers

An increase in productivity of around 20 percent. Around 8,000 picks per day by combining various picking strategies. Integration of the 19-meter-high Shuttle XP 250 system over three fl oors in the building.[more]

Electronics / Ergonomic retrieval of projection systems

Each Shuttle XP occupies only 16.70 m². Doubled storage capacity from 100 Projectors to 200 projectors in inventory. Increased productivity from 15 minute retrieval time to 1 minute retrieval time.[more]

Automotive / Conditioned buffer store for automated production line

Reduction of storage and retrieval cycle time by 50 %. New line equips 360,000 cars per year with 4 door panels each. Accuracy of robotic gripper handling +/- 2.5 mm.[more]

Maintenance / Cost-Saving storage of spare parts

129 m² storage space on a footprint of only 6 m². 120 m² additional fl oor space, giving space to 3 more workshops and an increased annual net income of € 1 million.[more]

Electronics / Storage and picking of small electronic parts

Storage capacities have increased by 40 %. More efficient processes. Shorter access times. Flexibility through modular structure.[more]

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