Customer References

There are a variety of case studies available at Kardex Remstar. Please use our convenient case studies browser to find out which fits best to your needs.

Pharma – Sort2Ship order consolidation buffer

More efficient production, bigger batches upstream and smaller batches downstream. Low space consumption (approx. 392 m² or 43 m² of material on a floor area of 40 m²). High level of security and no handling errors due...[more]

Warehouse & Distribution - Fast Parts Delivery for Sanitary and Heating Supplies

High performance (2,000 order lines / 100 delivery per day. Batch-picking of 20 customer orders per person. Error-free picking and no incorrect deliveries. Full stock control.[more]

Others: Component Trading - Vertical storage of seals

Space-saving solution: approx. 3,000 different articles on a 7.35 m² footprint 23.45 m high. Retrieval in 45 seconds. Ergonomic order picking.[more]

Maintenance - Efficient Order Picking of airplanes and helicopter parts

Picking frequency four times faster, Increased storage capacity: 14,000 part numbers on only, 35 m² floor space, Saved space: 2,000 m², Less travel time, Error-free order processing, Two-year ROI[more]

Machinery - Just-in-time retrieval for assembly

Just-in-time retrieval is 20 times faster, Integration in the production process means employees have to cover less distance, 90 percent less storage space needed: 1,000 m² storage capacity on a footprint of just 100...[more]

Machinery - Storage of lightweight small parts in boxes

Space-saving system: storage area of 77.52 m² on a footprint covering 6.32 m². Clearly organized components/fi ttings for assembly. Dust-free storage. Permanent inventory control.[more]

Electrics / Electronics - handling of SMD reels for production

Over 60 % warehouse space reduction (from 48 m² to 16 m²). Goods stored in an ordered, clean, and dust-free way. Increased productivity (1,100 daily operations with the same number of operators). Max. traceability of...[more]

Electrics / Electronics - Error-free retrieval of SMD reels

Simple and clearly structured picking process. Throughput increased by more than 50 % with the same number of employees. 100 % error-free retrieval of SMD reels for the setup / removal process.[more]

Maintenance - Spare part distribution – management of mobile workshop

Recovery of more than 70 % of the space previously used within the warehouse. Over 350 m² of storage capacity in less than 8 m² of floor space. More control over the handled parts. Extreme accuracy in processing the...[more]

Order Picking - Order Picking of hair products for e-commerce

150 % increase in productivity (up to 6,000 order lines in one shift). 60 % less space occupied. ROI: 1-2 years. Picking and inbound replenishment possible in the same process. Easy adaption to fulfill the needs of...[more]